Do you want to be released from all penalties and disabilities associated with your conviction?  Would you like the conviction vacated from your official criminal history with the Washington State Patrol? Would you like to answer that you have never been convicted of that crime?

A criminal record can have distressing consequences for your employment, education, and housing prospects. If you have completed all conditions of your sentence, including fines, it is time to move forward. Vacate your criminal record and move on with your life! If you are looking for a new start, let us help you with the process.

Our office Vacates both Misdemeanor and Felony Adult Charges.

Many juvenile offenses are now automatically sealed once a child turns 18.  However, this has only been the case for a few years. If you or your child had a juvenile case prior to 2014, the history is not automatically sealed.

Contact Azure Law Office to determine your eligibility to Vacate your adult Criminal history or Seal you or your child's Juvenile history.

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